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Macru / Baga Giné

Last updated 30 November 2001


Macru (Makru, Makuru) is a Susu-seduction-dance. This dance is often played in the combination with Yankadi, where Yankadi is a slow part, and Macru a fast part of the dance. The first song (Baga Giné) is about the lust to dance among the Baga-woman.

A boron ma, ma boron ma, eeh, A boron ma, ma boron ma eeh,
A boron ma, ma boron ma, ee-laila Baga Giné, fare boron ma woto kui eeh

Will you dance, or not? The Baga-woman even dances in the car !

O lee, O lee-lee-ko, O lee-lee-ko,………………..O lee, O lee-ko
Waya, Africa waya,……Waya Africa waya, ………O lee. O lee-ko

Lessons: Martin Bernhard, Cécé Koly. Dance lessons: Daniëlle van Son
Written material: Famoudou Konaté,Mamady Keïta, Åge Delbanco, Paul Janse, Rafaël Kronberger.