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Last updated 3 April 2019


The old Mandingo-dance Mamaya (Mamayah) was very popular in Guinea during the 1940 – 1960 period. Traditionally it was a very stately dance, that was performed in a club or a group where one was part of. Dressed in gouba’s and embroided shirts, male and female dancers could express their beauty, while dancing in two circles (men in outer circle, women in inner circle). Dance-steps were made in a majestic way and a handkerchief or decorated stick was used as an attribute. The rhythm started with the singing of a Griot and/or music made with the Balafon, Bolon or Tama. Mamaya is traditionally without an echauffement. Mamady Keïta, Mamoudou ‘Delmundo’ Keïta and Famoudou Konaté have their own interpretations of Mamaya, but the melody compares.

Lessons from Martin Bernhard, Mamoudou ‘Delmundo’ Keïta
Written material: Famoudou Konaté, Mamady Keïta, Åge Delbanco, Paul Janse, Rafaël Kronberger, Pat Gayet.