Matadi - Paul Nas
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Matadi is the name of an old woman who is limited by her disabilities. She tells us that when she was young (‘her sunny time’) she can dance enthusiastically to this rhythm, which now bears her name. There are versions known from Kouroussa and Siguiri (there also known as Kowa).

Ma tadi ee a Y ee ee, netele dei men matadi don bwa aa-ee
wo lo non ko lo bwon domatadi merani sei murola, fi mamady

Written material: Matadi 1: Åge Delbanco, (van Lancei Konte via Keio Ogawa), Matadi 1, 2,3: Rafaël Krönberger’s YAPpages.
CD’s: Guinea rhythms and songs (vol 2) van Famoudou Konaté

Last updated 25 August 2006