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Last updated on 14 February 2021


Mendiani (Mandiani, Bandiani, Den) is a wide spread played Malinke-rhythm, played in Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso . The dance is performed by virgins (age 7 – 14) (Mamady Keïta; CD Nankama). There is a special costume for this dance. The men carry the girls to the ‘dance-floor’ in the village. There the girls start the dancing. Many villages have got their own ‘Mendiani’; the girl, for that period the best dancer. When she gets (too) old a successor is pointed out; she learnes the mendiani from the elder, at night, outside the village. (Famoudou Konaté)

Na mouya douma kourama
ai gba la nalela, na mouya douma

Here the last added beautiful djembe solo that Sebastiaan de Vries learned from Isiaka Koita in Burkina Faso. Sebastiaan playes it for you. Check his site hire

Lessons from:Martin Bernhard, Ponda O’Bryan, Fode Konaté, Mamoudou ‘Delmundo’ Keïta, Dancelessons from: Mamoudou ‘Delmundo’ Keïta,
Written material: Famoudou Konaté, Mamady Keïta, Serge Blanc, Stephan Rigert, Åge Delbanco, Paul Janse

Last updated 1 January 2015