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Last updated 6 October 2001


Menie (Menie) is a Malinke rhythm from Guinea that used to be played on the occasion of the birth of a child, or more specific: on the day that a name is given to the child (about one week after it´s been born). There is a song with this rhythm that tells about four masks. Probably this is why Meni also known as a a Mask-dance.

(solo:) Kamafie cerimbembe kamafie kamafie,
(choir:) Kamafie-e-a cerimbembe kamafie kamafie, a ya yalamba cerimbembe-a
sama dundun kamafie (3x)
(solo:) a ye ke te, yenkeni sa-a samonie kindu
(choir:) samonie kindu samonie kindu e ya yenkeni yenkeni sa-a-e
(solo:) a ye ke te, yenkeni, yenkeni sa-a baoulen kinyama
(choir:) baoulen kinyama-a-e baoulen kinyama baoulen kinyama e
baoulen kinyama e, yankady-e torrys (3x)
(solo:) ana dory yamba
(choir:) da da dory yamba-a-e

Lessons from Arafan Touré
Writen material: Paul Janse