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Last updated 29 September 2003


Namani is a Malinke-rhythm from the Wassolon-area that is very similar to Soli. Main difference is the kenkeni-pattern and of course the meaning of the rhythm / song. I have found two interpretations of the background to this rhythm.
A. ‘Namani is a rhythm particular to the wizards of the fetish cult. There are two sorts of namah, the namah-idol, that is jealousy guarded in a hut and worshipped as the protector of the village against evil minded sorcerers, and the namah-soroh of the Konkoba or great farmers. The namah-soroh is similar to the Bandon Fadima, and it’s power is of use only to the owner. The meaning of the (song)text is that the griots and the musical instruments that they will use must be at the height of the powers and talents for the honouring of such a powerfull fetish’.(Mamady Keita CD Mögöbalu).
B. ‘Namani is a rhythm accompanying work in the fields and harvest. The horn that leads the dance Namadon, is called Namunda’ (Ushi Billmeier & Mamady Keïta, A life for the Djembe).

Na toda Djémbé ma, djémbé na do kè sinin!
Na toda Doundoun ma, doundoun na do kè sinin!
Na toda Djély ma, djély na do kè sinin!
Na toda Taman ma, taman na do kè sinin!
Iyo Namalé, Namah ni wara léé
Iyo Namalé, Namah na do kè sinin!

If we are talking about the Djembé, it will play tomorrow
If we are talking about the Doundoun, it will play tomorrow
If we are talking about the Djeli, it will play tomorrow
If we are talking about the Taman, it will play tomorrow
O the namah, the namah is with the wildcat
O, the Namah, the Namah will act tomorrow

Written material: Mamady Keïta, CD Mögöbalu van Mamady Keita