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Pentatonic balafon


Last edited on 17 April 2022

Dutch French

K K’Anouzo (Kanouzo) is a Bwa rhythm from Burkina Faso / Mali. Rhythm about the nicest girl in the village. In the Bobo language, “k’Anou” means; “I love you” and “zo”: “child”. Anouzo is also a girl’s name. The meaning is therefore “child of love”. “So beautiful and sweet that it could be my mother.”

To melody 1:

Anouzo lee wee-wa na-a, Anouzo njo-o hini mi lee
O njo o hini mi lee anou jee, Anouzo njo-o hini mi lee

To melody 2:

Hanzounou a nou be bouni wouleni, Hanzounou, be sime be na
(2 bars rest) ba hama bara weri lo anou jé

Ibrahim Keita & Nankama

The song has been modernized and released by Ibrahim Keita (‘Griot moderne’) and his backing group Nankama. “The traditional background is that of ‘the romantic adventure’ in Bwaba land, as it has been sung since time immemorial.” The group Nankama, ‘les apporteurs de joie’ (the bringers of joy), creates its music by mixing traditional rhythms with those of blues, salsa, Afro beat, reggae or funk. More info on the band here.

Some texts from the video van Ibrahim Keita & Nankama (language?)

Anouzo le wa be wè na, Anouzo njo ma na fè maou
Anouzo njo ja wè lee, (and some text from song  ‘Besami Lo Wo Lo’)

from the Album ‘Burkina Faso’ of Africa Fantastica:



DVD Aly Keita & Gert Kilian. Song from Fatoumata Sanogo. Album ‘Burkina Faso’ by Africa Fantastica. Track from Ibrahim Keita & Nankama

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