Bo Yaro - Paul Nas
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Bo Yaro

Pentatonic balafon

BBo Yaro is a Bobo balafon piece that helps the farmers in the field, by giving them a steady rhythm in which they can work. Farmers are called ‘Danveillaro’ in the Bobo language. Bo Yaro = the young Bobo man. On the video Youssouf Keita (right) and his nephew Kassim Keita play the piece; Kassim sings his version. His wife Fatumata had a slightly different text, but she is originally from another tribe, with a different language. But her version eventually sang slightly easier. (joho, the young Bobo, the ones from Mali; when harvest is good, the land is good!

The way Fatoumata sung this song

Ya i Bo Yaro, Mali djie-èra, Ya i Bo Yaro, Mali djie-èra
ya ho marida a, o lo oji-a-o, to-a fè na

The way Kassim sung this song

Ya i ya o, wa toung ji ra, Ya i ya o, wa toung ji ra
Tia wouree ma wena mena, Holo dji to-a, tou se sin

Frédéric Induni created an interesting Cuban version. You can listen to it  here.

Youssouf Keïta and Kassim Keïta

Balafoon Meeting 2017