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Pentatonic balafon


11 November 2022 First English version

Dutch French

C Corona is also subject of several songs in Africa. In West Africa the djeli or griot (kind of troubadour) is also tasked with responding to current events with new songs and bringing people up to speed on issues that are seen as of common interest. In that context, in Konsankuy, the griots of the Keita – and Coulibali family made a song with balafon accompaniment about the dangers to Corona, the damage it does. Fatoumata Sanou and Mahamoudou Coulibali wrote the song. Youssouf Keita and his cousin Kassoum Keita made a balafon accompaniment and melody to it. Thus, it became a new balafon piece in the Bwaba tradition.
In the chorus, generalities around Corona are sung. In solo singing by the griot between choruses, that damage is further specified. That can focus on all kinds of measures of importance enumerated like keeping away, no shaking hands, keeping distance, mouth caps, vaccinating, etc. But it can also focus on isolation of people, division, government interference, etc. Thus, each can bring their own vision to the song. (Dimigna = the world, ho wo ya mè = makes a lot of damage, zo’m bi = has come).

Wa ni yoo Corona zo wa tun (2x)
Dimigna ni bwéra corona
(The whole world is harmed by Corona)
Corona bwè sé ho wo yamè

Pays Bas tu haa (Burkina tu haa, ect.)
(even in the Netherlands, even in Burkina, etc.)
Corona zo’m bi ho wo yamè
(Corona came and did a lot of damage)


The Baobab is the sacred tree of Africa. It has healing powers. The leaves are used to make the traditional sauce eaten with the To (To is porridge made of grains that is widely eaten in the countryside, even in big cities). The fruit of the Baobab is is already in more or less dry form when you open the fruit. It is bursting with vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. In the West, it is even promoted as a ‘superfruit’. The above photo was taken during the 2004 IDON! trip.

The instructional video’s speed is adjustable


Youssouf Keita, Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, January 2022.

Update history
  • 11 November 2022: First English and French versions
  • 31 July 2022: Adjustments in PDF with starting points of solo accompaniment patterns and a Combination pattern added of melody with accompaniment links.
  • 7 April 2022: First Dutch version
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