Fantan Mankene - Paul Nas
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Fantan Mankene


Fantan Mankene is a Rhythm of the Chemou from the area of Orodara in Burkina Faso. Music for a sick woman. In this case the family appeals to the musicians to play for her. “The poor thing is ill; the whole world knows. Her mother is ill, as everyone knows. If you can get some beef (lamb / goat / fish), you have to give it to her! CD text by Landa van Haruna Dembele: “Here the griot tells a funny story about a” fantan “(= unhappy in Dioula). He says: “How can two unfortunate people lend credit ?. If that happens, who will be left with the debts?

Melody 1, version 1: Fantan Man Kene baj’ looke, Fantan Man Kene beya ye
Melody 1, version 2: Fantan Man Kene bee y’a lon, Fantan ba Man Kene
Melody 2 N’i ye misi sogo soro i ye n’son, N’i ye saga sogo soro i ye n’son
N’i ye ba sogo soro i ye n’son, N’i ye jege sogo soro i ye n’son