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Pentatonic balafon

Nambara Mogo

Last edited on 2 April 2020

Dutch French

N Nambara Mogo (Namoromogho) is a Bambara rhythm from Mali / Burkina Faso. In the song it is sung that liars / crooks should leave. Youssouf Keita taught me my first version in his chosen harmony. Later I had a workshop with Kanazoë with a different harmony. In the PDF, I have transcribed both versions to each other.

Youssouf sang:
Temme ka bwanga dougou la nambara mogo
Temme ka bwanga dougou la kologo dougou
Temme ka bwanga dougou la suo tsjila

Text Moussa Hema:
Teme ca bo, anka dougou ra, nambara mogo

nambara (= profiteurs), mogo (= people), tema (= leave),
dougou (= village / city), bo (= outside), anka (= ours)

  • Youssouf plays the melody throughout in the low register of the balafon.
  • When the soloist bass starts to play pattern E, the accompanying balafon (which normally plays pattern A,) switches to pattern B.
  • In some versions, two extra measures are played in the melody beforehand, ending with the low crosses, and then the last two measures (starting with the high asterisks are played twice). This brings the melody due s to 12 measures instead of 8.


Youssouf & Kassim Keita in Konsankuy, Mali 2012.
Adrian Egger & Moussa Hema; ‘Der Stimme der Balafon’
Aly Keita & Gert Kilian; ‘Le Balafon’

Update history
  • 2 April 2020: New PDF
  • 28 November 2021: New
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