Pa Oui Bobo de Fangassou - Bobo - Balafonrhythms - Paul Nas
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Pentatonic balafon

Pa Oui Bobo

Last updated 25 November 2021


PBalafon music piece from the Bobo-people of the south east of Mali. It is here the name of a messenger coming from the village of Fangassou (bambara name for Pa Oui, which means strong house). One day his message (from central government to local government) is misinterpret. To much taxes are asked from the people! So there is a rebellion against the central government. The rebellion is a success and the central government falls. In the song the question is raised whether this messanger is a hero or a liar. A second question is “who is the bad one? Is is it the central chief, the local chief (who engages the rebellion) or Pa Oui Bobo himself?

Pa Oui Bobo, bo boni hani
(hani = messenger)

other texts that are sung (but don’t really seem to add to the story

me we te sana, sa abba bwa e, lei me te sana, a-o-ve ba sa wa

(we are going to work hard; the Bobo are good workers!)
(if you don’t want to work; you better go!)

Listen file: to get an impression of how the piece of music works.



Youssouf & Kassoum Keita, Konsankuy, Mali 2011.

Update history
  • 25 November 2021: New compact PDF and Audiofiles 128bpm added
  • 5 November 2019: Improved audiofiles, small layout correction in PDF
  • 25 Augustus 2019: New!
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