Sama Ouara - Paul Nas
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Sama Ouara

Pentatonic balafon


Sama Ouara is the name of a plant that delivers balls that stick to your clothes. But it is also the name of a (Bobo-) woman who likes to dance. All Bobo, in all directions, know this dance where the knees are alternately brought to and from each other. Then a leg is swung out sideways, followed by the other leg to the other side. “It is the woman that I love; come dance! “

Yaro you ha o wee pwa lo wa
(when a boy likes a girl,)
twa njou twa ti o pwalo wa
(he should caress her oncve and twice)
Sama Ouara wa bi ri te
Sama Ouara wa bi ri te
(twa njou = one time, twa ti = two times)

This is a fragment of Sama Ouara where the song is rehearsed with Kassim Keita during the workshop in 2011.

Version ‘natural’

With traditional dance