Soungourouni Jee Bo Tchi - Bobo/Bambara - Balafonrhythms - Paul Nas
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Pentatonic Balafon

Soungourouni Jee Bo Tchi

Last updated on 14 April 2022


D Soungourouni Jee Bo Tchi is a rhythm of the Bobo (and their culture) but the song is in Bambara.

“Quand un jeune file va marier.”

Youssouf says: ‘This is a meaning from long ago, from the time of my grandfather’s grandfather. Then the parents of a boy went to a family to ask the daughter for their child. It also happened that a baby was reserved for a boy later. Nowadays, the boy’s family attaches a kind of chain to the baby’s leg to indicate that the child is already ‘engaged’. However, there is not too much contact while they are growing up because they feel a bit ashamed. People do talk to each other, but in a very modest way. Mutual respect must also be maintained. Against the background of the piece of music, an adjustment was made within the Keita family. For that respect also consists of the fact that in the presence of the other family, it is not appropriate to let out a fart (which is of course possible within the family!). It is better to take a short walk to get rid of that inconvenience. Youssouf: “Also within my family it was not appropriate for my wife Fanta to fart in front of the family. When this happened to Fanta once, when she wanted to give my father a drink and she was very ashamed of it, he said she didn’t need to be ashamed (in these modern times). Then, with some hilarity, this song arose. Respect is important but that fart doesn’t matter…”.

A ye file Soungourouni Jee Bo Tchi,
A ya file n’go maloya to-o la:

Look; A girl who farts has nothing to be ashamed of.
(Soungourouni = young woman, Maloya = shame)


Youssou Keïta, Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso January 2015

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