Tamako / Orodara Sidiki - Paul Nas
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Tamako / Orodara Sidiki

Pentatonic balafon

TTamako (origine Burkina Faso) is the music played when the king arrives in town in Burkina. He marches on the rhythm of the music. He walks into town and the people sing therefore that he marches so well. Also traditionally this song is followed by two other songs: ‘Famade’ and ‘Lamagoya’ (the balafola are here to play for peace, not for fighting a war).
Orodara Sidiki is a song that praise the way of dancing by Sidiki, a man once lived in Orodara, a smal town in Burkina Faso. The son of Sidiki, Mamadou, was very popular , also he loved the youth.
Nowadays the song is also played in honour of good dancers. ‘The way you walk, de way of life is great….’

Ee tamakoo kandji, Orodara Sidiki tamakoo bedi
(the ‘king’ arrives, he marches good!’)
Ee wariko bedi, Orodara Sidiki wariko kandji
(..and he has money, lots of money, he’s got it all!)
A dentje Mamadou kamelea kabo, eee tama djoo kanji
Oradara Sidiki toeni tsjira me tama dja doenjima sirakabo

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