Yaro Bwan Tyo - Bwaba / Bobo - Balafonrhythms - Paul Nas
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Pentatonic balafon

Yaro Bwan Tyo

New on 14 March 2021

Dutch French

Y Yaro Bwan Tyo is a Bobo rhythm with Bwaba song. The young man’s horse. The young man feels proud and exalted because he sits (so) high on the horse. The physical aspect of sitting high has its effect on his feelings. But not only the physical height; the horse is also the noblest of the animals. In short, there is nothing higher than the horse! You feel exalted when you are on a horse! (toba = she, awa = we, aro = he, tyo = horse, yaro = young man, hanzounou = young woman).

Yaro Bwan Tyo yiro nje nje, toba mi o mwe wah-a
wa lo be ba yaro yiro sen sen, toro mi ha wme wah-a

Yaro Bwan Tyo yiro nje nje, awa la ha mwe wah-a
wa lo be wa yaro yiro sen sen, toro mi ha wme wah-a

Yaro Bwan Tyo yiro nje nje, aro mi o mwe wah-a
wa lo be wa yaro yiro sen sen, toro mi ha wme wah-a

The photo is part of a beautiful promotional video about the project ‘Here Bugu’ in Mopti, in Mali, not far from Konsankuy, the birthplace of Youssouf Keita (and where his family lives).

Nice to have a look at!

Yaro Bwan Tyo

The Rondom Baba Foundation  (2007) works in Mali on sustainable development of the living and working conditions of the extremely poor. The foundation strives to break the vicious circle of poverty through education and work in combination with behavioral and cultural change.

To this end, the community Here Bugu  (place of peace) has been set up, where people live, work, play and learn together. By connecting with old, valuable traditions and developing a new cooperation model and new behavior from there, a sustainable project is created step by step that is supported by the population itself.


Youssouf Keita, Bobo Dioulasso, januari 2013

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  • 14 March 2021: New on the website.
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