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Pentatonische balafoon

Zanho Ben Vo

Laatst aangepast op 13 maart 2022

Dutch French

Z Zanho Ben Vo is a rhythm of the Bwaba from Burkina Faso/Mali. It is a rhythm that calls for having no fear, referring to the great Bwaba who also knew no fear when they fought for freedom against French colonisation in 1500 and 1850. The song is thus also a tribute to all all the great Bwa warriors who fought against colonialism. Some of them were Bazani Théra, Bènèna Kana Brèdougou, Tièba Sangaré, Didier Dakouo, Diby Diarra; in total some ten well-known warriors. All names are also listed in the accompanying song. The singing griot exhorts the people not to be afraid, like those great names from the Bwa culture. Zanho Ben Vo: ‘There is no fear, no fear!

Wa ni Baza mi to Zan lo zano be vo
Bwatun Bara àa fo Wa bé nàa mií sousou léé.

(In the first sentence, ‘Baza’ (= men) can be replaced with: ‘Hanza’ (women) or ‘Hariya’ (young people)). The second has has alternatives

Wa ni Hanza mi to Zan lo Zan lo be Vo
“Bazani Théra “àa fo wa be naà mií gnagna léé.

(Please replace ‘Bazani Théra’ with one of the other heroes)

Dear brothers and sisters, no more fear, for our brave heroes of the Bwa land are there to protect us from the enemies, we sing loudly and purify the praises of (by our shout of joy = (soussou léé and gnagna léé). (àa baviaa = the real heroes, Bwatun Bara = Bwa heroes. The names mentioned are the Bwaba heroes, known for their courage.


Youssouf Keita through a video instruction made in January 2021. Later live during the workshop in Burkina Faso, January 2022.

Update history
  • 13 March 2022: Smal adaptions to the PDF and English and French versions
  • 20 december 2021: New on the website!
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