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Last updated 18 April 2019


Saa is a Malinke rhythm from the Faranah region. The word means snake, but also mentally immature person. Like Kennefoli it’ s a rhythm that is played by the man who performs the circumcisions to boys (often the blacksmith). He also dances to the rhythm.

In the CD leaflet of: Famoudou Konate: Malinke rhythms and songs volume II it is told that ‘Saa is the snake’. During some celebrayions the boys gather and fight. There are also ‘scaredy cats’ among them. The song sings about that only the brave can endure the whip, the cowards flee like snakes.

Saa wanin dee Saa wanin dee ee ee
Saa wanin dee, santa for na diora koro dytajee

Written material: Famoudou Konaté, Mamady Keïta