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Senefoli / Bandon Fadima / Sansonnetfoli

Last updated 3 January 2015


Senefoli, a Malinke rhythm, means farming rhythm: sene (farming) and foli (rhythm). According to Cécé Koly a dance to do at the occasion of harvesting the rice. According to Drissa Koné the rhythm is known in Mali also as Sansonnetfoli.
In the song Bandon Fadima, the fetisj in the shape of the drinking horn is mentioned (also known as soroh), that the farmer wears on his hip during the work on the field. When somebody wears the Bandon Fadima he can work for hours without getting tired. He rubs it on his hip before the work starts and gets enough energy for the whole morning. When he wants it to rain, he rubs it on charcoal or black cloth.

lee sene kela, Bandon Fadima, lee sene kela kondon tee
eee Bandon Fadima, lee sene kele tö yi ilah

he is the one that is working on the fields; it’s the Bandon Fadima
Yes it’s the Bandon Fadima that works, but we give him noting
Yes it’s the Bandon Fadima that works, but you’ll get the credits

Lessons: Cécé Koly, Drissa Koné
Written material: Mamady Keïta, Åge Delbanco