Sila - Paul Nas
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Sila means ‘the road”. Children have played in the forest all day. They have caught and roasted mice. But when the darkness comes in they are lost. One of the children knows an uplifting song. During the song, the hand is expelled one side or the other. The last time is of course the right side. Famoudou Konate composed the matching rhythm.

Nye wa yan neba? Ba yan ba? Nye wa yan neba? Ba yan ba?
Eheh yan sila le tununi m’ ma
Pedekudupe pempekudupe Pedekudupe pempekudupe

Shall I take that road? Or that way? Shall I take that road? Or that way?
Hey! I’m lost
Pedekudupe pempekudupe Pedekudupe pempekudupe

CD Famoudou Konaté; Hamana Mandenkönö.

Last updated 14 November 2018