Sinte / Nalu Faté - Paul Nas
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Sinte / Nalu Faté

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Sinte (Nalu Faté) is a rhythm that’s played with celebrations by the Nalou people, around the Boke-region in Guinea. Originally it’s played on a very large single krin a meter wide and 60 to 80 cm diameter. This krin is played by three people that play in unison.
Adam Klein mails: “Sinte is about a boy and girl who weren’t allowed to be lovers and the girl jumped into the ocean. That, I believe, is what the leaping motion in the dance is about. I had heard that it means ‘jump in the fire’ but that’s not what it means in the language of the people the dance comes from. That name of the girl might have been Sinte, but I can’t swear to it”
An example of this rhythm transferred to djembé and doundoun can be found on the Wali CD from M’Bemba Bangoura.

Lessons from M’Bemba Bangoura.
Written material: Åge Delbanco, Malick, Adam Klein, Onno van Tongeren

Last updated 23 februari 2009