Soko - Paul Nas
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Sökö (Socco, Sohko) is a rhythm of the Komanko-people in the Faranah-region. Nowadays it’s played often in the whole North of Guinea. The rhythm accompanies the dance of the bilakoro (they who are not circumcised yet). In some regions it’s played during the months before cicumcision, elsewhere it’s played the day before initiation after the heads of the bilakoro have been shaved en presents have been given.

N’bara kouma, kouma tè ban na, Sökö da wa könö ma dééé!
N’bara miri, miri tè ban na, Sökö da wa könö ma dééé!
N’bara séwa, séwa tè ban na, Sökö da wa könö ma dééé!
Könöma dééé, Könöma dééé, Sökö da wa Könöma dééé!

When I speak, my words don’t stop, Soko protects the fields
When I Think, my thoughts don’t stop Soko has started to protect
When I am happy, there is no end to rejoice, Soko has started to protrect, be ware, beware !

Soko lee, bilakoro la foulè t la, Eee, soko leee, soko baraka wanto eee

Lessons: Martin Bernhard, Ponda O’Bryan, Mamoudou ‘Delmundu’ Keïta. Dancelessons Danielle van Son
Written material: Famoudou Konaté, Arafan Touré, Mamady Keïta, Serge Blanc, Paul Janse, Rafaël Kronberger

Last updated 22 march 2015