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Soli des Manían

Last updated 28 March 2004


This Söli rhythm is danced and played at the circumcision ceremonies. It comes from the Beyla- and Nzereko area, that is partly in Guinea and the Ivory Coast. To this area there used to be a lot of migration by the Malinke. The ethnic groups mixed into the Konianka ethic group (also called Konya, Konyagui or Manían, as the Malinke say). The lyrics of the song below have a symbolic meaning: The addressing of the hunters means that no man let any provocation go unpunished (Hawk, can’t you see it!?).

G’béngbe dé n’ ni ikana sissè taa! Köi ma ayé waah
Aï ma ayé? Donsolou, Aï ma ayé waah

You, hawk, don’t you take your prey! Can’t you see it?
Did you see it? Hunters, can’t you see it?

Lessons from Martin Bernhard and Mamoudou ‘Delmundo’ Keïta
Written material: Mamady Keïta / Ushi Billmeijer