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Last updated 29 January 1999


The Sorsornet is a mask from the Baga-people from Boke. The mask protects the village but is kept outside the village in the forest. Someone can make an appeal on the mask because of big problems. A priest can go and get the mask and then Sorsornet is played and the mask goes around the village. The song here expresses a young girls gratitude to their mothers. It’s supposed to be sung in the moonlight.

M’ baraka felenkoee, N’ doro mamuna komna
M’ baraka felenko n’ gayo n’ gaa, N’ doro mamuna komna
N’tapelindoee, n’ tapelindoee, N’ tapelindoee zinezagona banganiee

Thank you mother, for giving me personality
Don’t worry; I will soon join my husband now

Sometimes this song, which is very diffecult to sing properly, is simplyfied. The meaning is probably slight different to.
Balafele ko hee, Balafele ko na, Balafele ko nayoma, Balafele ko hee

Lessons: Martin Bernhard, Dance lessons: Bebe Youla
Written material: Mamady Keïta, Stephan Rigert, , Ponda O’Bryan, Åge Delbanco, Paul Janse, Larry Morris, Rafaël Kronberger.