Toro - Paul Nas
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Toro is a Malinke rhythm from the Siguiri region in Guinea was originally played after the initiation of boys; a group of boys has been together for three months (‘on camp’) and have learned all the rules and practices of life as an adult (including recognizing botany and bird sounds). Some time after the circumcision, a big fire is made and the rhythm is played; formerly played without djembé ‘s, but with the wasssamba.

Toro fö {[’n doni] or {name}}, Toro fö itoro fö nyomaye,
Play the Toro for me [naam],
there is no equal to you for this rhythm

Lessons from Ibro Konaté, Cécé Koly.
Written material Mamady Keita en Paul Janse.

Last updated in 2005