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WAP-Pages (html-files)

West-African Percussion pages

for djembé rhythm notation and information

Since 1998
Welcome to the WAP-pages!


The information collected here comes from many teachers, workshops, books and other media; Each with his or her own ideas and implementation of traditional percussion. People who think that I violated their copyright, I ask to inform me so that I can adjust something. Music is alive and constantly evolving! My goal is above all to give a reference book for people who are involved with this music. If you have additions or corrections, I would like to hear them!

Paul Nas


“I want to express my gratitude and respect for the teachers I have had; Youssouf Keita, Martin Bernhard and Mamoudou ‘Delmundo’ Keïta. I have also followed interesting workshops at: Arafan Touré, Ponda O ‘Bryan, Famoudou Konaté, Ibro Konaté, Abdoulay’ Okay ‘Sene, Baba Touré, Momo Touré, Cécé Koly, Mamady Keïta, Hilde Gams, Kashoum Keita, Aly Keita , Hakiri Koita and Gert Kilian.  Glad that I can give something back here and share it for anyone who wants to practice West African music.

Paul Nas
Thanx for helping!


Victor Stok helped a lot with making the Percussion Studio Files. Federico Cristante is working on the Spanish translations. Paul Janse, Steffanus Kor and Jan Fuhlendorf made their own rhythms and added them to this site.  Moritz Köppen sent me reliable notations from interesting workshops he followed. Many others sent me their insights. I tried to use them in the information on the WAP-pages.

English HTML files / Percussion Studio files
Abadza to Balakulanya
Balan-Sondé to Bolon
Bolonba to Demosoni Kelen
Denadon to Djagbe
Djambadon to Dunumba 'Kato'
Dunungbè to G'Bunkundo
Gidamba to Kassa Djibo
Kassa ni Soro to Konkoba
Konkoba Doundounto Kurabadon
Kuribi to Lolo
Maane to Mola
Molekanimani Djou Jee to N'Toman
Panthère to Siwe
Sobonincun to Somba Koro
Sorofoli to Tiriba
Torako to Wurende
Yabara to Yoleli